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As the storm wound down last Thursday, we decided to take a drive out to Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monument just North of Flagstaff.  We have been to this ancient pueblo several times, but have never had the opportunity to photograph it in the snow.  Not only was it a beautiful way to experience it but for the most part, we had it all to ourselves :-).

12-18-08Wupatki01.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki02.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki03.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki04.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki05.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki06.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki07.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki08.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki09.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki10.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki11.jpg 12-18-08Wupatki12.jpg

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