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May 10, 2013 // Personal

Kiva had her first birthday yesterday! As a lot of you know, Kiva's first year started off badly. She came from a puppy mill in Mexico and due to the poor conditions there, at just seven weeks of age and less than one week after we got her home, she was diagnosed with the parvovirus. The odds were not in her favor, but she showed what her true spirit is like and defied the odds. Today she has that same spirit that pulled her through a very tough disease and she is now healthy and strong. For her first b-day she ate cupcakes, got a pretty hat and a nice new toy, went swimming in her pool and went hiking and swimming again at one of her favorite trails. We have put together a slideshow set to "her song" to mark her first year of life. We hope you enjoy it. We love you Kiva and Happy First Birthday!

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1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP00.jpg

We just returned from a short trip to Yosemite National Park.  We were so excited to visit during winter but the week we headed out it looked very bad on the "winter" front.  Temperatures had been warm and no new snow had fallen.  We were certain there would be no winter to be found, so you can imagine our surprise when we entered the park to see a fresh dusting of snow that had fallen the night before.  It wasn't a lot but we were thrilled to see Yosemite wearing a thin coat of white.  It was magical!  Following are a few of our favorite shots we took over the two days we were there.

1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP01.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP02.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP03.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP04.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP05.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP06.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP07.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP08.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP09.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP10.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP11.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP12.jpg
1-28-13 Nature Photography YNP13.jpg

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6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP00.jpg

In June 2012 we visited Rocky Mountain National Park for the first time.  We only had a couple of days to spend there, but that was enough time to get some amazing nature photography!  The landscapes were impressive as were the amount of big game and small critters available to see.  Elk were everywhere and I had a very close encounter with one particularly impressive bull.  While in a crouched position, I waited with my wide angle lens as one grazed nearby.  As he approached, I remained very still and snapped away.  By the time I realized how close he had gotten, it was too late to move without spooking him.  I just sat and he kept moving ever closer.  Finally he was within arm's reach and I just froze.  I took no photos during this time for fear the sound of the shutter would startle him, putting me in harms way.  He stopped grazing for a moment and lifted his head from the grass to lock eyes with mine.  It was magical.  What a humbling experience to be in such close proximity to such a majestic creature.  I waited until he was comfortable moving on and finally I got up and walked away, shaken but so thankful for this once-in-a lifetime experience!  These are some of our favorite shots from our trip!

Beautiful Bull Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP01.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP02.jpg
Moose Grazing
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP03.jpg
Pika Dining on Flower
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP04.jpg
Elk Calves Playing
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP05.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP06.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP07.jpg
Bull Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP08.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP09.jpg
Cow Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP10.jpg
Mountain Bluebird
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP11.jpg
Pika (Left) and Marmot (Right)
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP12.jpg

6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP13.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP14.jpg
Chipmunk (Left) and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ewe Molting (Right)
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP15.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP16.jpg
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ewes (molting) and Lambs
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP17.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP18.jpg
Cow Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP19.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP20.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP21.jpg
Bull Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP22.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP23.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP24.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP25.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP26.jpg
Elk Calf
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP27.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP28.jpg
Bull Elk
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP29.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP30.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP31.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP32.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP33.jpg
6-25-12 Nature Photography RMNP34.jpg

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Wishing you all a very safe and happy holiday season!!

12-24-12 Happy Holidays 01.jpg

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December 16, 2012 // Personal
12-15-12 Personal00.jpg

The team here at Sierra Blanco Photography (that would be Kevin, Angie and myself ... along with our pups, Kiva and Bump) took a fun day and headed up to Flagstaff to play in the snow!  There was A LOT more snow than we had expected ... close to two feet.  Angie, despite being almost 27 years old and having lived a mere 2 hour drive from Flagstaff her entire life, has never seen more than a few inches of the white stuff, so you might say this was her first time really experiencing snow.  It was fun to watch her :-).  It was also fun to watch Kiva and Bump, this being a first for them as well.  It took us most of the day to get there so we only spent a very short time playing, but we all had a great time and Angie, Kiva, and Bump came away with a new life experience :-)!

On our drive up, I just had to stop to get a couple of pics of Saguaros in fog ... a rare and lovely site!
12-15-12 Personal01.jpg
12-15-12 Personal02.jpg
12-15-12 Personal03.jpg
12-15-12 Personal04.jpg
12-15-12 Personal05.jpg
12-15-12 Personal06.jpg
12-15-12 Personal07.jpg
12-15-12 Personal08.jpg
12-15-12 Personal09.jpg
12-15-12 Personal10.jpg
12-15-12 Personal11.jpg
12-15-12 Personal12.jpg
12-15-12 Personal13.jpg

12-15-12 Personal14.jpg
12-15-12 Personal15.jpg
12-15-12 Personal16.jpg
12-15-12 Personal17.jpg
12-15-12 Personal18.jpg
12-15-12 Personal19.jpg
12-15-12 Personal20.jpg

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