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This was one of our really big, full-day trips.  I really wanted Phuong to see where I used to live and also experience a place not many tourists to Arizona see - the White Mountains.  We started by going to the Petrified Forest, then continued southeast to Springerville at which point we stopped at Java Blues for lunch (one of our favorite spots to eat in the WM.)  From there we continued on Forest Roads past Big Lake to the West Fork of the Black River and then out to Greer, finally ending in Pinetop for dinner at Charlie Clark's (another favorite) before heading home.  It was still quite barren at that elevation with no leaves yet on the aspens and large patches on snow dotting the mountain.  I really love this area of the state and Phuong definitely could see why :-)! Yoshi went along for the ride and had a great time too!!


Yoshi's comfy little pad in the back of the car, complete with his bed and favorite stuffed animal :-).

Looking out at the Painted Desert in the Petrified Forest.
Having a little fun :-).
OK seriously ... this is one of my all-time FAVORITE Yoshi photos ... this will definitely make it onto the wall!!!
Soooooooo freakin cute!!!!!
Cutting up.
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Fossil Creek in Strawberry is a spectacular creek with its stunning blue waters and falls.  We also found the most curious thing ... a set of three old, yellow chairs, positioned in the creek facing towards a 20-foot plus waterfall.  It was hilarious and it was even more hilarious when Phuong and Kevin sat in them to pose for the camera :-).


Devil's Bridge is located in Sedona and it is simply amazing.  It takes a bit of a vertical hike to reach it but is well worth the effort!  Phuong and I really freaked out some pour woman from New Jersey who isn't used to seeing people walking out to the edge of a rock with a very long drop on the other side of it ... to that woman, we pass along our apologies :-)!


Some fun graffiti we found under a bridge at Fossil Creek.

The drive down to Fossil Creek is a little treacherous ...
Love this frog's choice of home :-).
This is so funny ...
... and this is even funnier :-)!!!
Phuong and I really love cows ... so we thought we would take a short walk with some :-).
Devil's Bridge ... gorgeous!!
We got a little silly with our shadow puppets ... I kind of resemble the creature from the movie "Aliens."
OK mom, please don't have a heart attack ... it looks bad, but we were VERY, VERY careful - I promise :-).  Again, our apologies to the poosr New Jersey lady.
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Pita Stanton:

I LOVE the picture of you two running across devils bridge. Is that in Sedona?

(07.16.09 @ 08:42 PM)
Caitlin Smith:

Looks like an absolute BLAST!!! :-D

(07.05.10 @ 12:17 AM)

We had a great time exploring Antelope Canyon and a little of Lake Powell.  Kevin and I had never been to Antelope Canyon before and we definitely plan on returning for some serious landscape photography!


Heading out to the slot canyon.

I love taking photos of cows :-)!!
Our guide, Zac, playing the flute.
I love this shot :-)!
Lake Powell was just a tad windy :-)!!!!
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Alison K. Juberg:

very whimsical pictures. Love the dog and the nature pictures.

(08.03.09 @ 01:23 AM)

The Grand Canyon ... that was our final trip on the "Tina & Phuong take on Arizona" expedition.  We had gone to the Canyon when Phuong first arrived, but that was the Trash-the-Dress shoot, so we decided to end our trip here - a place that Phuong was so excited to see.  We brought Yoshi along as well since Phuong developed such a close relationship with him during her stay.  We stopped by Snowbowl on the way to take a photo illustrating the change in season from the photo taken on the first day, seemed befitting.  It was a fun trip, but at the sam time a bittersweet one.  After ten years of not seeing my high school friend, I had grown accustomed to her presence again ... hopefully it won't be another ten years before we meet again and take on another destination :-)!  Love ya Phuong!!


Back to where our trip began ... on top of Snowbowl.  Amazing how different it looked after almost 5 weeks.

I had really been wanting a photo like this.  It symbolizes how great a friend he has been to me over the past 11 years and for me it is a very important image ... it will live on even when I don't have him around anymore and I will always be able to remember and cherish this moment.
Phuong IM'ing on the phone with her husband at the edge of the canyon ... hilarious :-)!
Bye Phuong - it was quite an adventure!!!
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Pita Stanton:

The picture of you and Yoshi is really cute. The picture of the canyon with the storms all along the rim is absolutely amazing!!! I brag about you guys all of the time to people. I am so, so, so happy we went with you for our wedding!!! I come back to your blog at least once a week just to see you work and what you have been up to. Thank you!!

(07.16.09 @ 08:45 PM)

A little background here.  We usually have Yoshi shaved down every summer as he is an Old English Sheepdog and even in Flagstaff's temperate climate he still gets really hot with all that fur.  Seems like a simple task, right?  Not with Yoshi.  You see, he had a very bad grooming experience as a puppy (I should have sued those idiots) and ever since then has been TERRIFIED ... and I mean really TERRIFIED of being shaved.  Not even tranquilizers would work.  He had to be put completely under and shaved that way.  No big deal (other than the fact that it cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 a shave) but this year it was a big deal.


Yoshi is entering into his golden years - he is 11 now - and our wonderful vet, Dr. Bush of Flagstaff Animal Hospital, didn't feel comfortable putting him under at his age.  The risk of death is just too great and I am not about to lose my best friend that way, so they decided instead to tranquilize and muzzle him and see how far they could get.  We were so proud of him because he did great and they got most of the fur off, but there was a slight snag.  They couldn't trim his face because of the muzzle and his feet were off limits ... he does not under any circumstance like his feet touched.  This left him a little funny looking this time around.  His face resembles that of a schnauzer and his feet remind me of a poodle's.  With this I have come up with my new designer breed ... Yoshi is now my Old-English Schnauzer-Poo :-)!

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Josefin Wahss:

Wow - a new dog!! He is cute ;) Go Yoshi - you donĀ“t have to look like everybody else!!

(07.09.09 @ 04:12 PM)