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1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD01.jpg


I want to start this post by saying that in no way, shape, or form did we harm this beautiful owl!!!  Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love all animals, especially birds!


On New Years Eve, after Arizona's big winter storm, we hiked into the mountains northeast of Phoenix in search of a nice landscape photo of Four Peaks Mountain with rare snowfall on it.  While waiting for the light and searching out the perfect composition, I turned to see a fence ... and a strange shape hanging from it.  On closer inspection we found that it was a Great Horned Owl.  At first I thought it might have inadvertently flown into the fence, killing it but we soon came to realize that the bird had been affixed to the fence.  The scene was odd and disturbing as I wondered how the bird died and why someone would then strap it to a fence in the middle of nowhere.  The owl showed no obvious signs of trauma, so I guess I will never know.  I took the photo above for my decades-old, on going personal project, "Casualties of War."  It documents man's impact on the wild world and the damage we inflict, whether by purpose or not.


Fast forward a couple of days and I got it in my head that it would make for a really cool shoot!  I had an image of a high fashion look with really dark eye makeup and a somber, yet avant-garde look to the final photographs.  I got a hold of our associate photographer, Angie, and asked her if she would pose for the photos.  She agreed, and on absolutely no notice, she came over, I did her makeup, we drove out to the site, hiked in, put my wedding dress on her and did the shoot.  We arrived just in time for sunset, took the photographs, and hiked out through the cactus fields, in the cold, dark of night :-).  At the end of the shoot, Angie asked if I would take a few photos of her beautiful tatoo using the scene.  It was blue hour by this point and it worked perfectly for that set of images!


For me, the spring and fall wedding seasons of 2010 pretty much blurred together and I never really felt caught up.  I became terribly exhausted and sick and I am just now getting to where I mentally and physically feel a bit better.  Sometimes as photographers, and artists, we need to take a step back to regroup so we can come back in fresh.  I really needed a shoot like this ... something out of the box and edgy.  Angie, thank you so much for trusting in my vision - both the shoot and the makeup :-) - and for so willing trekking into the wilderness on a cold day to see this shoot through!  You look amazing in these photos!!!!



1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD02.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD03.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD04.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD05.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD06.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD07.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD08.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD09.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD10.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD11.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD12.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD13.jpg
1-3-11 Trash The Dress Photography ATTD14.jpg


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Jessica White:


(01.06.11 @ 03:30 AM)

She's gorgeous! I'm feeling replaced! ;) lol Beautiful images! I love the contrast of the feathers barbed wire and the flow of the dress... :) It was fun having you visit! Hope to see you soon!

(01.06.11 @ 07:02 PM)
Nelda King:

I love the pictures! OMGee! So very beautiful & the sky is amazing. The model is beautiful too, her outfit, her makeup, her tattoo && her jewelry. I feel awful for the owl. In our tradition owls are bad luck to us, but I would never wish bad on animals nor any kind of life. Again, SIERRA BLANCO you are so AWESOME!!

(01.06.11 @ 07:56 PM)
Amanda M:

so sad about the owl, but the shots are gorgeous, as always!! :) and you're defintely getting alot of use out of your dress! :)

(01.08.11 @ 04:42 PM)
Caitlin Smith:

wow. the sky is on fire. love the drama, the colors, the sex appeal... what a fun shoot!

(01.17.11 @ 06:55 PM)
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed01.jpg
Natalia and Jesse were married in early October at the beautiful Arizona Grand Resort in Phoenix, Arizona.  We loved all the details of this wedding and Natalia and Jesse totally looked like they stepped out of the pages of a fashion magazine!  It was simply a gorgeous event all around and we were so pleased to be a part of it!  Thank you both so much for choosing us as your wedding photographers and enjoy!!
I also want to extend a special thank you to my wonderful second shooter (and good friend), Joyce Day, for her always creative and beautiful photography :-)!
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed02.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed03.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed04.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed05.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed06.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed07.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed08.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed09.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed10.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed11.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed12.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed13.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed14.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed15.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed16.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed17.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed18.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed19.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed20.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed21.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed22.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed23.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed24.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed25.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed26.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed27.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed28.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed29.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed30.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed31.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed32.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed33.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed34.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed35.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed36.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed37.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed38.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed39.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed40.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed41.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed42.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed43.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed44.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed45.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed46.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed47.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed48.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed49.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed50.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed51.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed52.jpg
10-9-10 Phoenix Wedding Photography NJWed53.jpg
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Beautiful photos. The photographer caught the best moments in this special event. And the Arizona Resorts looks like the best place for a wedding.

(12.09.10 @ 07:57 PM)

As always, breathtaking. I love every photo....but that shouldn't come as a surprise!!! Beautiful shots!

(12.28.10 @ 05:26 AM)
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed00.jpg


It's all in the details ... and Kari and Dave's wedding had plenty of details!!  Their wedding was held at Kari's parent's home in Scottsdale in early October.  Kari's mother, Nancy, is an interior decorator and her gift reflected in every gorgeous detail of this event (I am absolutely in love with every facet of her home by the way ... looks like it came straight out of the pages of a magazine.)


One other spectacular detail to mention, and this one wasn't planned.  When we first met with Kari and Dave, they mentioned how much they loved the dramatic skies in some of our photos.  They were hoping for some sort of drama to play out that day, and boy did it.  I know, the photo shown above doesn't look real, but rest assured it is very real and all that was done to it in photoshop was my normal tweak of the contract and saturation.  Just after their rooftop, sunset ceremony a dust storm swept down over the mountains, creating this amazing cloud formation.  It took shape just as the sun set and went through two main phases of color; first a brilliant yellow and finally a fiery pinkish-red.  It was seriously one of the most dramatic sights I have ever witnessed!  Kari was so excited.  Even when we said our goodbyes that night she said, "I can't believe we got one of your skies :-)!!!"  Well Kari, we most certainly did and we hope these photos help preserve that special wedding day memory for a lifetime to come!

10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed01.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed02.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed03.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed04.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed05.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed06.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed07.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed08.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed09.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed10.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed11.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed12.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed13.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed14.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed15.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed16.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed17.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed18.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed19.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed20.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed21.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed22.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed23.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed24.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed25.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed26.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed27.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed28.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed29.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed30.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed31.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed32.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed33.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed34.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed35.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed36.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed37.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed38.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed39.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed40.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed41.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed42.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed43.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed44.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed45.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed46.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed47.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed48.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed49.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed50.jpg
10-2-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography KDWed51.jpg


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Amanda M.:

omg that red sky looks so amazing!!! Great photos! (as usual)

(11.24.10 @ 09:22 PM)
Nelda King:

Wow! I LOVE the sky also. I swear, Sierra Blanco - YOU ARE AMAZING!! :) I'm Thankful for you guys. :) (1 Day late, but HAPPY THANKSGIVING & hope you two enjoy your holidays)

(11.26.10 @ 04:58 PM)

Sarita has been a repeat client for a few years now and I was elated when she told me she had found the one, and asked us to photograph her wedding day!  Her wedding was held at Sassi in Scottsdale in September.  It was a fairly hot day, but the wedding could not have been more lovely and full of joy!


Sarita has always oozed style, so I knew her special day would be nothing short of elegant and I was right on target.  Every detail, from her dress, to the flowers, linens and cake were simply stunning!


Jacob has two beautiful daughters, Chloe and Lilly, which you will see frequently throughout the posting :-).  During the ceremony, Sarita and Jacob presented them with necklaces to mark their new bond as a family ... it was incredibly touching.


Sarita, you have not only become a wonderful client, but a friend.  We really hope you and Jacob love and cherish these images!  XOXOXO!

9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed01.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed02.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed03.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed04.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed05.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed06.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed07.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed08.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed09.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed10.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed11.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed12.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed13.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed14.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed15.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed16.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed17.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed18.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed19.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed20.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed21.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed22.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed23.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed24.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed25.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed26.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed27.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed28.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed29.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed30.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed31.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed32.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed33.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed34.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed35.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed36.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed37.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed38.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed39.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed40.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed41.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed42.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed43.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed44.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed45.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed46.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed47.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed48.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed49.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed50.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed51.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed52.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed53.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed54.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed55.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed56.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed57.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed58.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed59.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed60.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed61.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed62.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed63.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed64.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed65.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed66.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed67.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed68.jpg
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed69.jpg
Our Assistant (future Associate Photographer :-)), Angie, was at this wedding helping us.  Coincidentally, her family was there too ... as invited guests.  Here she is (beside her father) with proud family memebers :-).
9-19-10 Scottsdale Wedding Photography SJWed70.jpg
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I don't even know where to start with these two ... we just love them!!!  Megan and Jeff are two of the most genuine, kind people we have ever had the pleasure to work with!  They were a referral from another wonderful couple we photographed last year in Sedona, Marie and Scott.  Jeff and Scott are brothers and Megan and Marie might as well be with the close relationship they have :-).


Everything about this wedding was beautiful and their awesome Great Dane, Boston (aka Boss) made the event that much more amazing!  The wedding was held in May at the Wright House in Mesa.  We started out with Megan and Jeff's first meeting and some bridal party shots in the Superstition Mountains.  From there we went to see Megan's grandmother, who traveled all the way from the midwest to attend the wedding and fell ill once she arrived.  She was unable to attend, so the entire wedding party visited her in her sick bed so she could see them all dressed up.  Megan was wearing her grandmother's vintage necklace and the moment when she noticed it around Megan's neck was priceless.  After that, we continued to the Wright House for the ceremony and reception.  This was a hard post to narrow down ... just too many special images and moments to leave out :-)!

5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed01.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed02.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed03.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed04.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed05.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed06.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed07.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed08.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed09.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed10.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed11.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed12.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed13.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed14.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed15.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed16.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed17.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed18.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed19.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed20.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed21.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed22.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed23.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed24.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed25.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed26.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed27.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed28.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed29.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed30.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed31.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed32.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed33.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed34.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed35.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed36.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed37.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed38.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed39.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed40.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed41.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed42.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed43.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed44.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed45.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed46.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed47.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed48.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed49.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed50.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed51.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed52.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed53.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed54.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed55.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed56.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed57.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed58.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed59.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed60.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed61.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed62.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed63.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed64.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed65.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed66.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed67.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed68.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed69.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed70.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed71.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed72.jpg
5-31-10 Phoenix Wedding Photographer MJWed73.jpg
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Nelda King:

Their wedding was beautiful. :) Congrats you two!

(11.10.10 @ 08:26 PM)