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Erin and Erich live in Phoenix and planned a little weekend getaway to Sedona for their engagement shoot a couple of weeks ago.  We took advantage of the infinite beauty of Red Rock Crossing and the majesty of Cathedral Rock.  I never get sick of shooting here!


Erin and Erich, it was really nice getting to know you both better ... you were so much fun to work with.  Glad you enjoyed the rest of your stay in Sedona.  Looking forward to seeing you again in February for the big day!

11-14-08EEEngage01.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage02.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage03.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage04.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage05.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage06.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage07.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage08.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage09.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage10.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage11.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage12.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage13.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage14.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage15.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage16.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage17.jpg 11-14-08EEEngage18.jpg


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Abbey and Zac were married on November 1st at a private estate called "The Lighthouse" in Sedona and I was pleased to be their wedding photographer.  The couple came all the way from St.Louis to have their dream destination wedding and it was a beautiful and intimate affair!


We started out with their couple formals just a short drive from the house at Red Rock Crossing.  Their ceremony was scheduled to take place just before dark so we wanted to take advantage of the light while we had it.  From there we headed back to enjoy the rest of the festivities under the stars.


Abbey and Zac, thank you for having me!  I had a great time and I hope you enjoy the photographs!

11-1-08AZWed01.jpg 11-1-08AZWed02.jpg 11-1-08AZWed03.jpg 11-1-08AZWed04.jpg 11-1-08AZWed05.jpg 11-1-08AZWed06.jpg 11-1-08AZWed07.jpg 11-1-08AZWed08.jpg 11-1-08AZWed09.jpg 11-1-08AZWed10.jpg 11-1-08AZWed11.jpg 11-1-08AZWed12.jpg 11-1-08AZWed13.jpg 

11-1-08AZWed14.jpg 11-1-08AZWed15.jpg 11-1-08AZWed16.jpg 11-1-08AZWed17.jpg 11-1-08AZWed18.jpg 11-1-08AZWed19.jpg 11-1-08AZWed20.jpg 11-1-08AZWed21.jpg 11-1-08AZWed22.jpg 11-1-08AZWed23.jpg 11-1-08AZWed24.jpg

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Thank you for capturing the moments. It's all like a quick dream that passed by too quickly. You were both such a pleasure and made us both feel so comfortable. Happy Holidays!

(11.21.08 @ 05:17 PM)

Because Tishya and Greg got married at night, they opted to have a "Day-After" session.  We met with them on the Monday following their wedding to shoot their photographs.  This was a very long session spent hopping all around Sedona, so we posted quite a few photos.


We started our photo shoot at the West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon.  The leaves were in their full autumn splendor and we spent quite a bit of time there.  I just love fall in Oak Creek ... it reminds me of where I am from in North Carolina with the leaves running the full spectrum, from deep red to golden yellow and everything in between.


From there we continued on to Red Rock Crossing to get a few shots with Catherdral Rock.  This is the rock formation that Tishya and Greg chose to use on all of their invitations, place settings, etc.  Finally we ended up at Merry-Go-Round Rock for some amazing shots at sunset.


Thank you Tishya and Greg for being so kind and willing to spend time with us!  We had such an amazing time both days and it was a real pleasure being your wedding photographers!  We hope you enjoy them :-)!!

10-27-08TGDayAfter01.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter02.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter03.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter04.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter05.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter06.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter07.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter08.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter09.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter10.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter11.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter12.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter13.jpg

10-27-08TGDayAfter14.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter15.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter16.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter17.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter18.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter19.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter20.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter21.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter22.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter23.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter24.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter25.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter26.jpg

10-27-08TGDayAfter27.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter28.jpg 10-27-08TGDayAfter29.jpg

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Josefin Wahss:

This is just wonderful to see. Gorgeous. Amazing colours. Congrats to a beautiful couple!
I just found your new blog, by the way! Had bookmarked the old one - and started to get a bit worried!! Thank you for providing me a bit of Arizona every now and then. Thank you...

(11.06.08 @ 02:29 PM)

On October 25th, we photographed the wedding of Tishya and Greg.  Their wedding took place on the Patio de las Campanas at Tlaquepaque in Sedona.  Tlaquepaque is a beautiful and charming venue - though not without its challenges!


Within the realm of photography, weddings don't get much more challenging than this one.  The actual ceremony and reception both took place outdoors after dark.  Lighting was extremely dim and with no ceilings around to bounce light off of, we quickly had to come up with other lighting solutions.  We are not big fans of direct flash (it is too harsh) so instead we set up what amounted to a simulated studio situation using off-camera flashes.  It worked out quite well and we carried this over to much of the reception.  We also had to do the majority of their couple formals in the dark.  In light of that fact, the couple also did a "Day-After" shoot the following Monday, which we will be posting images from shortly.

10-25-08TGWed01.jpg 10-25-08TGWed02.jpg 10-25-08TGWed03.jpg 10-25-08TGWed04.jpg 10-25-08TGWed05.jpg 10-25-08TGWed06.jpg 10-25-08TGWed07.jpg 10-25-08TGWed08.jpg 10-25-08TGWed09.jpg 10-25-08TGWed10.jpg 10-25-08TGWed11.jpg 10-25-08TGWed12.jpg 10-25-08TGWed13.jpg 

10-25-08TGWed14.jpg 10-25-08TGWed15.jpg 10-25-08TGWed16.jpg 10-25-08TGWed17.jpg 10-25-08TGWed18.jpg 10-25-08TGWed19.jpg 10-25-08TGWed20.jpg 10-25-08TGWed21.jpg 10-25-08TGWed22.jpg 10-25-08TGWed23.jpg 10-25-08TGWed24.jpg 10-25-08TGWed25.jpg 10-25-08TGWed26.jpg 


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This past week we met with Michele and Josh to photograph their engagement shoot.  The shoot was held at Red Rock Crossing in Sedona per Michele's request.  She had seen this location on our blog and decided she wanted her photographs taken there.  The bonus was that the leaves are changing around Oak Creek adding a welcome element to the shoot.


Michele is originally from Michigan while Josh hails from Ohio ... both now live in Mesa.  They are having their wedding in a small town about an hour outside of Detroit in September.  This is part of why they chose Sedona.  The water and trees (in fall color) remind them of where they plan to marry.  They also wanted photos looking at Cathedral Rock while wearing rival jerseys from their home states ... what a cute idea :-)!  Their dog also joined us and was a real sweetheart.


Michele and Josh, it was a pleasure meeting you both and spending some time with you.  Thank you for being so willing to get your feet filthy with red rock soil for a few unique photos.  You were both so much fun and we hope to have the opportunity to follow you to China, Michigan to photograph your wedding :-).  Enjoy!

10-22-08MJEngage01.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage02.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage03.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage04.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage05.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage06.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage07.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage08.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage09.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage10.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage11.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage12.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage13.jpg


Yes, this is me standing in the water to get the shot I wanted ... did I mention that the water was freezing ...

10-22-08MJEngage15.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage16.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage17.jpg 10-22-08MJEngage18.jpg

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