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On Saturday, October 11th, we photographed Tracy and Steve's wedding at Creekside Inn in Sedona.  They chose to have a traditional Native American ceremony which was as beautiful as it was spiritual.  Their son, Matthew, participated in the wedding and became quite the sprinter, never wanting to linger too long in the moment :-).  The day was beautiful, but a bit windy and extremely cold by Sedona standards in early October ... we felt really sorry for Tracy, who was freezing to death all day.  She was determined though, and suffered through it to get her photographs :-).


Tracy and Steve, thank you so much for choosing us as your wedding photographers.  It was such a pleasure getting to know you both ... and Tracy, you looked spectacular in that dress!

10-11-08TSWed01.jpg 10-11-08TSWed02.jpg 10-11-08TSWed03.jpg 10-11-08TSWed04.jpg 10-11-08TSWed05.jpg 10-11-08TSWed06.jpg 10-11-08TSWed07.jpg 10-11-08TSWed08.jpg 10-11-08TSWed09.jpg 10-11-08TSWed10.jpg 10-11-08TSWed11.jpg 10-11-08TSWed12.jpg 10-11-08TSWed13.jpg

10-11-08TSWed14.jpg 10-11-08TSWed15.jpg 10-11-08TSWed16.jpg 10-11-08TSWed17.jpg 10-11-08TSWed18.jpg 10-11-08TSWed19.jpg 10-11-08TSWed20.jpg 10-11-08TSWed21.jpg 10-11-08TSWed22.jpg 10-11-08TSWed23.jpg 10-11-08TSWed24.jpg 10-11-08TSWed25.jpg 10-11-08TSWed26.jpg

10-11-08TSWed27.jpg 10-11-08TSWed28.jpg 10-11-08TSWed29.jpg 10-11-08TSWed30.jpg 10-11-08TSWed31.jpg 10-11-08TSWed32.jpg 10-11-08TSWed33.jpg 10-11-08TSWed34.jpg 10-11-08TSWed35.jpg 10-11-08TSWed36.jpg

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