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6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed00.jpg

Simone and Wade were married on June 12th, 2011 at the beautiful Enchantment Resort in Sedona, AZ.  They live and Massachusetts and decided to have a destination wedding in Sedona.  The thing we loved most about this couple, besides how sweet they were, was how they took their wedding and made it their own!  You wouldn't always think about chandeliers, fine china and crystal and Harley Davidson motorcycles going together at a wedding, but that was what this couple wanted and that is what they did.  It was a beautiful wedding and we were so happy to be a part of it!  Thank you to Kaila Williams for doing such a great job second shooting!

6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed01.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed02.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed03.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed04.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed05.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed06.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed07.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed08.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed09.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed10.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed11.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed12.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed13.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed14.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed15.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed16.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed17.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed18.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed19.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed20.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed21.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed22.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed23.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed24.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed25.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed26.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed27.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed28.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed29.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed30.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed31.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed32.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed33.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed34.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed35.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed36.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed37.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed38.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed39.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed40.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed41.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed42.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed43.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed44.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed45.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed46.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed47.jpg
6-12-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SWWed48.jpg

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4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed00.jpg

Suzanna and Kelly are such a sweet couple and we loved them from the moment we met them at their engagement session!  They were married April 23rd in an intimate ceremony at the beautiful Briar Patch Inn in Sedona in front of their closest family and friends.  The one thing I noticed all day was how happy Suzanna was all day long ... she simply glowed :-)!  Thank you both so much for having us as your wedding photographers.  It was a joy to be a part of it!!

4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed01.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed02.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed03.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed04.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed05.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed06.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed07.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed08.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed09.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed10.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed11.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed12.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed13.jpg

4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed14.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed15.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed16.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed17.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed18.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed19.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed20.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed21.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed22.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed23.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed24.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed25.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed26.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed27.jpg
4-23-11 Sedona Wedding Photographers SKWed28.jpg

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Seriously. Talk about being happy... She looks ecstatic in every picture! I love that!!! I love the sassiness she has in her family portrait/formal and I love love LOVE the intimate setting of the chairs around the ceremony. Fantastic! Such beautiful pictures, once again. Congrats to Suzanna and Kelly, Sorry I couldn't be there.

(06.17.11 @ 03:53 PM)
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD00.jpg

Kendra and Kyle did their Trash the Dress Session in Sedona and it was by far, the dirtiest, muddiest Trash the Dress Session we have had to date, and we loved it!!  We started out at Garland's Oak Creek Lodge (which we could have spent the whole day at) and then continued to the West Fork of Oak Creek before ending at Red Rock Crossing - where things got dirty :-).  The first photo is a photo taken with our new underwater camera housing.  We are very excited about the possibilities we can produce with this new piece of equipment!  We want to extend a special thank you to Kendra and Kyle for trusting us in whatever was asked of them ... what an amazing shoot!!  Kendra did take the dress to the cleaner (she said we should have seen the looks on their faces.)  We will let you know the outcome :-)!

A side note here:  It is sometimes funny how our clients find us and this day had to be one of the strangest.  While shooting at Red Rock Crossing (while we had Kendra in the water) a couple visiting the park from Hollywood (near Miami), Florida, named Maya and Spencer, happened by and were really curious as to what we were doing.  We explained the concept of a Trash the Dress Session to them and they were amazed.  So much so, they said there 10 year anniversary was coming up next summer, 2012, and Maya was so inspired she decided she would "trash" her dress in celebration.  They were curious to see what the results would look like so they took our information to see photos.  We wished them good luck and told them they would love the experience, certainly never expecting to hear from them again.  A few days later, to our happy surprise, Maya contacted us and asked if we would fly to Miami to do the shoot.  The rest is history and we will be boarding a plane next July for sunny Florida to photograph Maya and Spencer's 10 Year Anniversary Trash the Dress Session.  Can't wait!!!

On to Kendra and Kyle's shoot ... enjoy the sneak peak guys!

4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD01.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD02.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD03.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD04.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD05.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD06.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD07.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD08.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD09.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD10.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD11.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD12.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD13.jpg

4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD14.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD15.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD16.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD17.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD18.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD19.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD20.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD21.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD22.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD23.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD24.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD25.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD26.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD27.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD28.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD29.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD30.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD31.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD32.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD33.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD34.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD35.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD36.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD37.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD38.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD39.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD40.jpg
4-16-11 Trash the Dress Photography KKTTD41.jpg

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Nelda King-Sloan:

Ha ha...I love it!! :) Love shot "D21"...with her dress reflectin' in the water...so beautiful. Love it!!! :)

(06.01.11 @ 12:05 AM)

I could not even begin to pick a favorite, or even just one to talk about...I love them all!!! Oh dear! Amazing!!

(06.17.11 @ 09:29 PM)
Maya & Spencer:

We loved crashing your trash the dress shoot! These pictures are incredible! We can't wait till next year! Till then... All the best!

(08.06.11 @ 03:51 AM)
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed00.jpg

Sarah and David had a very rare occurrence on their Spring wedding day in Sedona this April - SNOW ... that's right, I said snow!!  Snow isn't all that common in Sedona in the first place, though it does get cold in the winter.  By April however, the cold is usually giving way to warm, pleasant, sunny days full of blue skies.  Not on this day.  There was no denying the beauty of it though and we personally think Sarah and David got very lucky!  How many people that get married in Sedona can say they had a beautiful winter wonderland with red rocks peaking through drifting cloud banks as a backdrop for their wedding photographs ... not many, I can tell you that :-).  Congratulations to you both!  You are a wonderful couple and we wish you a lifetime of happiness ... can't wait for the trash the dress - wonder what kind of weather we will have for that :-).

4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed01.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed02.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed03.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed04.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed05.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed06.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed07.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed08.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed09.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed10.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed11.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed12.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed13.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed14.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed15.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed16.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed17.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed18.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed19.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed20.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed21.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed22.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed23.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed24.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed25.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed26.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed27.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed28.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed29.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed30.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed31.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed32.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed33.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed34.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed35.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed36.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed37.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed38.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed39.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed40.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed41.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed42.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed43.jpg
4-9-11 Sedona Wedding Photographer SDWed44.jpg

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Nelda King-Sloan:

LOVED the snow...LOVED shot #42! So beautiful. :)

(05.13.11 @ 05:21 PM)

Those shots by the fire with the snowfall are gorgeous!

(05.14.11 @ 01:35 AM)
Sarah Sidnam:

We love these and are SOOOO EXCITED to see the rest! Thanks for sharing our day with us; it was a joy to have you (& we are looking foward to doing the trash the dress). :)

(05.19.11 @ 09:52 AM)
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed00.jpg


This wedding is a great example of why it can be really cool to have your big day during Arizona's monsoon season!  Cheryl and Josh held their wedding last July at the Sedona Golf Resort.  They live in Chicago - we have a lot of clients that live in Chicago, don't know what that's about - but have family in Arizona, so they decided to have a destination wedding among the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.  They started off at the Red Agave Resort and then headed to Schnebly Hill for some pre-ceremony photos before ending the remainder of the day at Sedona Golf Resort.  The weather was typical monsoon-type weather ... dramatic, dark clouds hovering all around threatening rain, but mostly just show with little punch.  It was actually a beautiful day and we absolutely adored the couple :-)!


7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed01.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed02.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed03.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed04.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed05.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed06.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed07.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed08.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed09.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed10.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed11.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed12.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed13.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed14.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed15.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed16.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed17.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed18.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed19.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed20.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed21.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed22.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed23.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed24.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed25.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed26.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed27.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed28.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed29.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed30.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed31.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed32.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed33.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed34.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed35.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed36.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed37.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed38.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed39.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed40.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed41.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed42.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed43.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed44.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed45.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed46.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed47.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed48.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed49.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed50.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed51.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed52.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed53.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed54.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed55.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed56.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed57.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed58.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed59.jpg
7-10-10 Sedona Wedding Photographer CJWed60.jpg


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Nelda King-Sloan:

Beautiful! The skies are an awesome touch. Love your sky shots.

(04.15.11 @ 06:25 PM)
Cheryl Auchenbach:

Thank you for capturing our day so beautifully! Amazing shots...

(04.18.11 @ 03:52 PM)